Bantam is Booming!

What do Arethusa’s Al Tavolo restaurant and Farm Dairy Creamery, Bantam Tileworks, Brierwood Nursery, Sportsmen’s, Bantam Market and the new Mockingbird Kitchen and Bar have in common?                       Arethusa al tavolo

They all have chosen Bantam center as their hometown place of business.

No other part of Litchfield has experienced the business renaissance like what’s happening in this small borough west of Litchfield center.

Bantam is booming.  Why?Arethusa Farm Dairy

First, the borough has an interesting mix of architectural structures to accommodate these new endeavors, from old brick buildings to colonial dwellings to single-level retail storefronts. Arethusa occupies two of these structures…the red brick former Bantam firehouse and the two-story adjacent brick building formerly housing a wood working shop.

Second, the Bantam Planning and Zoning Commission has worked closely with entrepreneurial applicants to facilitate their use of Bantam’s commercially zoned areas.

And third, the intersection of Routes 209 and 202 brings great traffic counts through the area supplying a ready source of customers for local businesses.

Oh, and during the Christmas holiday season many of Bantam’s businesses light up their buildings with strings of beautiful classic white lights illuminating their trim. Wait till dark after the Thanksgiving holiday and take a slow ride through the up-and-coming borough. It truly is awe-inspiring.

Bantam is beautiful. Swing by and see for yourself.

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