Litchfield County Lakes

Who hasn’t dreamed about living on the water. Residents of Litchfield County are fortunate to have a number of beautiful lakes and ponds in their backyard.

The natural beauty can’t be beat and there’s always something to do: swim, fish, paddle, or ski. Or just plain chill out. There’s nothing 100_2893like a gorgeous sunrise or sunset to nourish your soul and restore your spirit.

Litchfield County offers numerous lakes, streams and ponds for those ready to make the move.

Visit my new web site, Litchfield County Lakes, to learn more about specific lakes in the area,  search for just the right home for yourself and then contact me…I’ll make it happen for you!

I hear the water calling now!

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2 Responses to Litchfield County Lakes

  1. Penny says:

    Beautiful photos, Dave, but now you want me to purchase a 2nd home again??? Just kidding. Good luck with the new website.



  2. Michele Fiscella says:

    Nice, but unfortunately Litchfield’s climate doesn’t have ocean front with warm temps all year round with afforadable prices. Your Daughter & Son In-law can’t afford any of these yet since your oldest grand daughter is about to start College! Maybe in several more years!!! Keep up the good work! Looks beautiful & very inviting!


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