Some useful advice to save you a lot of trouble….and money.

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7 Responses to TURN THE WATER OFF!

  1. Dave Stambone says:

    Great advice, Dave…Thanks for sharing!


  2. Penny says:

    Thanks for the great reminder, Dave. I have forwarded it on to a few friends. I will have Bruce check on our shutoff valve this weekend. I knew at TRV, but never thought to look here.

    Hope all is well. And a belated Happy New Year. Hope it’s a good one for you.


    P.S. Loved the Christmas card. Thank you. Without a doubt it was the prettiest one I received this year.


  3. Dave Luzi says:

    Thanks Penny…spread the word.


  4. Gerry Pesce says:

    Excellent advice. Thanks Dave!

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  5. Dave Luzi says:

    Thanks, Ger. Spread the word and save people a lot of trouble.


  6. Bill Cox says:

    Great advice


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