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Litchfield County Lakes

Who hasn’t dreamed about living on the water. Residents of Litchfield County are fortunate to have a number of beautiful lakes and ponds in their backyard. Advertisements

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6 Times when NOT to Buy a House

Current thinking says everyone should buy a house if they can get a mortgage. So if you don’t already own, go out and buy…right? Conventional wisdom says perhaps not.

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4 Signals that it’s Time to Make a Housing Move

It’s time to make a housing move when: 1) You are currently renting but the cost of owning is roughly equivalent to the rent you pay. This happens when the real estate market goes through gyrations and the balance between … Continue reading

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Bringing the Best of Litchfield to You.

I truly enjoy the Litchfield community. Here’s my tribute to it.   So, what are your thoughts? Send me a comment below or better yet click on the Follow button on the right.    

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There are signs of life, but it’s nowhere near as robust as it was at the peak in 2006. Or as deathly quiet as it was a few years ago. “Squishy,” as I heard one agent describe it a few … Continue reading

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If I Remodel Will I Get My Money Back?

We Realtors are asked this question all the time. After all, prudent homeowners would like to know if the value of their home will increase by the cost of the project, right? Well, the answer to this question may surprise … Continue reading

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Radon: Should I Check My Home?

Absolutely. Why? Because it’s prevalent in a number of areas in Litchfield and surrounding towns as my wife and I discovered when we tested our home. Also because it’s colorless and odorless and you won’t know if it’s present unless

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