A Quick and Easy Tip for Taking Out-of-the-Ordinary Photos

Shooting from a low level gives a completely different perspective on a subject. It’s one of the easiest ways to add a distinctive look to your image.Try it sometime, especially with subjects that are close to you and which are lower than your standing eye level. It may require bending over or actually lying down on the surface where the subject is resting.


100_4778In these two shots, I did NOT have to bend over or lie down. Instead, I stood on the ground next to my deck which is elevated several feet off the surface of the ground. This put my eye level only slightly higher than the planters. True, the vibrant colors of the flowers also make the photo striking, but it’s the camera’s perspective in relation to the subjects that make the photos eye-catching.


turkeysThis photo was fun to shoot. I had to squat down only a bit to avoid detection by the turkeys since they cooperated nicely for me by standing on top of the stone wall.

Try it. Squat down. Lie down. Rest the camera on the ground and set its time-delay exposure. You’ll be pleased with the results.

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