The 10 Deadliest Garden Plants

The 10 Deadliest Garden Plants

00-deadly-plants-xl_0YIKES! Who new gardening could be so dangerous.

Check out the video below from This Old House. You may never want to garden again.But if you’re not in the habit of chewing on your perennials and shrubs you won’t have to worry. To be on the safe side, get your fruits and veggies from the grocery store or local farm market and you’ll live to spend another day in your garden.

Here’s the video.

I’ve tucked all of my beds away for the winter. This growing season produced a bumper crop of canna and dahlia tubers which I’ve harvested and squirreled away in the unheated portion of my basement. Next year will be the fourth year with my beautiful canna Tropicanna and canna Orange Punch. Dahlias were an experiment this year and they flourished. Between the varieties that were given to me by friends and the ones I purchased, next year’s garden will feature at least ten different varieties, no two of which are similar.

I’d love to hear some stories from my gardening friends. Anyone have something interesting they would like to share?

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3 Responses to The 10 Deadliest Garden Plants

  1. Teresa says:

    Very interesting — I only knew 3 of the 10!!


  2. Penny says:

    Interesting info, Dave. But who on earth eats their plants or shrubs??? I suppose some people might, it’s just beyond my comprehension. Hope all is well. I miss our talks. Penny


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